Service and Engineering Company dedicated to Semi-conductor Industry and Research


Global Technologies is a French service and engineering company located in the “Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur” Region. The quality of our services is well-known and our company has expanded in France and all over the world since its creation in 2005.
Most of our customers are major worldwide players in the semi-conductor and microelectronics industry as well as European research centres in these fields. The company is constantly innovating and investing, and has set itself the goal of becoming the European leader and a major worldwide player for its entire industry.


Global Technologies offers a wide range of products and services. The company specialises in repairing mechanical and electronic subassemblies of semiconductor component manufacturing machinery.
Accordingly, the company performs maintenance, repair, reconditioning and upgrading operations as well as service exchange and sale of equipment items and equipment subassemblies.
Its research department dedicated to design, supports its customers in their technological progress and the quest for original solutions suited to their requirements.



  • DEUBLIN® Rotary Unions for GSD Equipment: Units always on stock! - 11/2017
    Global Technologies offers DEUBLIN's® complete line of Water Rotary Unions references for AXCELIS equipment GSD's®. To ensure a long-term operability and secure your supply chain, Global Technologies provides a full OPM service of exchange and sale. more >
  • AMAT® Spindle Motor Assembly – 11/2017
    As the top service supplier for AMAT® motor spindles, we propose timely and cost-effective repairs of all AMAT® assemblies. This includes precise dimensional controls and replacement of out of tolerance critical parts. more >
  • SEMICON® Europa 2017 - 11/2017
    Global Technologies will be visiting SEMICON Europa 2017 in Munich from 14th to 17th of November, the largest Microelectronics Event in Europe. more >
  • VARIAN® Mass Slit Feedthrough: 10% Discount for the purchase of one pair of a Mass Slit – 09/2017
    As a European leader in repair and sale of ferrofluidic Feedthroughs for many references, Global Technologies offers a discount of 10% for the purchase of your next pair of VIISION® or VIISTA® Mass Slit until December 2017. Do not hesitate to contact us! more >
  • DEUBLIN® Rotary Unions for CVD & CMP equipment: Units always on stock! - 08/2017
    Global Technologies offers DEUBLIN®'s complete line of Water Rotary Unions references for AMAT® and LAM Research NOVELLUS® equipment. To ensure a long-term operability, Global Technologies provides a full OPM service of exchange and sale. more >
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